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Odeo Flare Mk3 LED Nödbloss


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Ett elektroniskt nödbloss med LED som syns längre än 3 nm i över 5 timmar

The Odeo Flare™ is the new alternative to the traditional red pyrotechnic hand-held distress flare. It is similar in size to traditional flares, but instead of using dangerous explosives to burn, it uses battery powered light emitting diodes.

Traditional flares will burn for around 30 seconds before extinguishing: the Odeo Flare™ 'burns' for around 5 hours at full illumination. Because no pyrotechnics are used, the Odeo Flare™ is totally safe when switched off, and because it uses battery power (high power lithium iron-disulphide cells), it can even be safely posted or carried in baggage on flights.

Whilst originally designed for marine use, its lightweight, safe performance means that it is incredibly useful for any outdoor activity. Mountaineering, skiing, expeditions... now any activity can benefit from the added safety and security of carrying a distress flare - without the unwanted dangers.

The Odeo Flare™ is designed with consideration to SOLAS requirements, making it a genuine alternative to the pyrotechnic red hand held flare. The US Coast Guard is now leading the world in developing standards for electronic Visual Distress Signals (eVDS) as a replacement for the hand held pyrotechnic flare.


Length ; 265 mm
Width : 50 mm
Weight : 330 gm


Coverage: Full upper hemisphere plus 20 degrees below horizontal
Buoyant : Yes
Power Supply : 3 x L91 lithium iron-disulphide cells (7 years storage life) or 3x std AA batteries
Endurance : 6 hours at full illumination, thereafter at reduced power
Light Source : 21 independently driven diodes
Pulse Duration : Programmed flicker with a break to transmit the SOS signal
Packaging : Clear plastic storage tube.



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